A Shocking Revelation: 2/3 of Aesthetic Injectors are Not Medically Qualified

A Shocking Revelation: 2/3 of Aesthetic Injectors are Not Medically Qualified

Welcome to the next edition of the Vysana Video Newsletter and can you believe just how many injectors across the UK aren’t medically qualified? I really was shocked.

A Rainy Day in London

Our Newsletter this week starts on a rainy day in London, I (Dr. Sunny Dhesi) had to brave the weather to work for a private medical company. My mission? To bring the level of personalised care they offer back to Vysana.

Personalised Care: The Vysana Way

At Vysana, we believe in personalised care. Each patient is unique, and so should be their treatment. This philosophy extends from our aesthetic treatments to our approach to internal health. This personalised care approach is a natural evolution from delivering excellent aesthetic treatments to what’s going on inside our bodies.

Important: The Impact of Stress on Women’s Health

Stress is often over-looked as just a part of everyday life. But the impact of stress on women’s health can have long-term effects on cardiovascular health, cortisol levels, and brain function. I personally use a number of methods to help manage stress, including listening to positive affirmations and practicing mindfulness.

The Shocking Revelation

The climax of this week’s newsletter is a shocking revelation: 2/3 of aesthetic injectors in the UK are not medically qualified. At Vysana, we pride ourselves on the fact that all treatments are performed by medically qualified professionals. I’m a medically qualified GP and Charlotte, our in clinic nurse, is an advanced nurse practitioner. This shocking statistic which really suprised me, underscores the importance of choosing your practitioner wisely.

Watch the Video

Check out this week’s full newsletter video below and I’ll be back with more insights on Health, Beauty and Medical with my next video.

Dr. Sunny Dhesi

Dr Sunny Dhesi

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