From the Peak District to Malta: Sun Damage Prevention and Treatment

From the Peak District to Malta: Sun Damage Prevention and Treatment

Did you know 80% of ageing can be down to sun damage?

A Scenic Start in the Peak District

Our newsletter this weeks begins when I was driving back from Manchester and captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the Peak District. The serene landscapes serve as a reminder of nature’s wonders and the importance of preserving our own natural beauty. Especially sun damage prevention & treatment.

A Shift to Malta’s Hotel Lobby

In the blink of an eye, we find ourselves transitioning from the tranquil Peak District to a bustling hotel lobby in Malta. Life’s pace is ever-changing, and amidst this whirlwind, It’s importnant to remember to take a moment and look after ourselves and our skin.

Addressing Pigmentation Concerns

As summer progresses, many have voiced concerns about sun exposure leading to pigmentation returning to their skin. I recommend September and October as the ideal months to address these issues. With treatments like Tribella, intense pulse light, nano fractional skin resurfacing, and medium-depth peels, Vysana is equipped to help rejuvenate and restore your skin.

Injectable Treatments for Radiance

For those seeking that enviable glow, we also have injectable treatments like profilo and Bella Terra Reviver. These treatments not only enhance radiance but also combat the effects of sun damage, ensuring your skin remains youthful and vibrant.

The Importance of Sun Protection

Prevention is always better than cure. I passionately advocate for the use of sunscreens like Altruist MD. It’s widely available and with 80% of ageing attributed to sun damage, it’s crucial to protect your skin diligently. This doesn’t mean sacrificing that holiday tan; SPF 50 doesn’t stop`you tanning, it helps to block the harmful uv rays to protect your skin.

Exciting Developments at Vysana

We have exciting new treatments and a new approach coming to clinioc that will integrate conventional medical practices with aesthetic treatments, offering a truly comprehensive patient journey that addresses both external beauty and internal well-being.

How’s your summer?

So, if you are on holiday, I hope you having a great time. Remember to look after your skin and if you have any concerns, pigmentation or damage, come and see us in clinic.

I look forward to seeing you in clinic soon and this is the newsletter signing off.

Watch the Video

Check out this week’s full newsletter video below and I’ll be back with more insights on Health, Beauty and Medical with my next video.

Dr Sunny Dhesi

Dr Sunny Dhesi

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