What are necklines?

Also known as neck wrinkles, neck lines are the creases that appear on the skin of your neck as you age. While it isn’t possible to prevent them altogether, there are measures you can take to slow down their progress. Also, the team here at Rutland Aesthetics provides a range of treatments. Some will reduce the necklines altogether, while others will just make them less noticeable.

Whether you’re worried about the appearance of neck lines or you’re starting to notice that they’re settling in, it’s worth learning more about them. In doing so, you can figure out which aspects of your life are making them worse and start considering treatments that slow down their progress.



Although your skin acts as your body’s first line of defence against the outside world, in some areas, it’s more delicate than others. Your neck is one of those areas, which is why you might start to notice necklines appearing around your mid-twenties.

Your neck is also an area that comes under a lot of stress and strain. Just consider some of the movements you make throughout the day. From throwing your head back with laughter to slouching at your desk, your neck muscles are always in use. The constant use of your neck muscles, alongside some natural ageing factors that are happening internally, makes wrinkles appear in the neck area.

Throughout your life, your body produces two essential proteins: collagen and elastin. While collagen gives your skin and muscles their structure, elastin keeps the neck skin looking supple. Unfortunately, although you’ll always produce collagen and elastin from the moment you’re born to the day you die, your body’s ability to do so slows down from around the age of twenty. As a result, while you’re using your neck, it’s also losing some of its youthful appearances due to the reduction in collagen and elastin.

Although neck lines aren’t dangerous, they might leave you feeling self-conscious. Both men and women encounter this problem, and either gender can take steps to reduce their appearance and retain their youthful look.


Like any area of medicine, cosmetic complaints arise from ‘modifiable’ and ‘non-modifiable’ risk factors. When it comes to necklines, some of the non-modifiable risk factors include genetics and the ageing process. There’s no point in worrying about them because there’s nothing you can do to stop them happening.

On the other hand, there are some modifiable risk factors you can address to stop your ageing neck from becoming too problematic.

Using moisturises

While some scientists may disagree, there are moisturisers out there that tackle the neck and breast area to promote better tone. Neck moisturisers contain compounds that will plump and firm your neck, reducing the appearance of lines and leaving you feeling more confident. When applying yours, make sure you move in a smooth upward motion, and ensure it becomes a part of your daily skincare routine.

The sun is not your necks friend

Although lots of people love to walk around with a healthy glow, having too much sun will make your face and neck area worse. At the same time, you shouldn’t avoid the sun altogether, as this will hurt your Vitamin D levels.

Our advice is to use a moisturiser that contains an SPF factor. When Britain encounters one of its rare heat waves, or if you go on holiday somewhere where the sun is stronger, do the following:

• Wear a suncream that has a high SPF and applies it regularly
• Don’t spend time in the sun when it’s at its hottest
• Try a neck scarf if you can’t avoid spending time in the sun

The same UV rays that make you glow also break down your collagen and elastin. As such, while you may have a fetching tan, you’re accelerating the ageing process.

Lifestyle changes

Certain aspects of your lifestyle can make necklines worse. For example, smoking reduces the blood flow to your neck, which then means it receives fewer toxins and fewer of the vitamins it needs to stay strong. Similarly, failing to eat a healthy diet will allow the pollutants you encounter throughout the day to turn into free radicals, which also makes your neck skin age faster. Finally, if you don’t drink enough water or eat enough Vitamin C, you’ll produce less collagen. By bringing a healthier balance to your lifestyle, you can tackle problems in the neck area and enjoy health benefits throughout your body.

Give your neck a massage

On the topic of blood flow, massaging your neck will bring more to the area. Arch your neck backwards and move your fingers down the front of the areas where lines appear. Do this gently, as there are essential blood vessels in the area that you shouldn’t aggravate. Try this massage for three minutes each day, and you’ll witness some astounding benefits.


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