Put Down the Exfoliant! Understanding and Nurturing Your Skin

Put Down the Exfoliant! Understanding and Nurturing Your Skin

Put Down the Exfoliant.

Welcome to Vysana Life if this is your first time here. I’m Dr. Sunny Dhesi, a GP and wellness doctor specialising in women’s health, and I welcome you to another edition of our Vysana Life newsletter. Here at Vysana, located in the heart of Oakham in Rutland, we’re dedicated to supporting women through their health journey, focusing on skin health and the broader aspects of wellness.

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The Core of Our Mission: Women’s Health and Family Wellness

Why Women’s Health Matters

Our mission at Vysana is to support women, as we believe global healthcare systems often fail them at various life stages. We start with skin health and delve deeper into overall wellness, ensuring we also cater to the family unit. Remember, we treat men too!

Insights from Clinic: Virtual Skincare and Environmental Factors

Trends and Themes in Skin Health

Our virtual skincare service is thriving, with numerous queries about skin health. A recurring theme is the impact of environmental factors on skin. We’re here to address these concerns and guide you through maintaining healthy skin.

The Primary Care Women’s Health Forum: A Wealth of Knowledge

Teasers from a Pioneering Conference

I recently attended the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum, an enlightening experience filled with invaluable insights. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing bite-sized chunks of knowledge from this event, focusing on women’s health and holistic skin management.

The Big Question: Why is My Skin So Dry and Dehydrated?

Addressing Common Skin Concerns

A frequent question in our virtual skincare consultations is about dry and dehydrated skin. It’s crucial to differentiate between the two: dryness refers to itchy, flaky skin, while dehydration is characterized by tightness. Over-exfoliation, especially with AHAs, is a significant factor contributing to these issues.

Step 1: Put Down the Exfoliant!

Repairing the Skin Barrier Function

The first step in tackling skin issues is to stop over-exfoliating. This practice damages the skin mantle and barrier function. Instead, focus on repairing and nurturing your skin with suitable products.

Step 2: Understanding Hormonal Skin Care Cycles

Syncing Skincare with Hormonal Changes

For those in their thirties or experiencing perimenopause, it’s beneficial to sync skincare routines with hormonal cycles. This approach requires understanding the complexities of each individual’s skin and hormonal fluctuations.

Insights from the Women’s Health Forum

Key Takeaways and Future Discussions

The Women’s Health Forum provided a wealth of information on various topics, including the importance of Women’s Health Hubs, the realities of PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder), and the concept of REDs (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport). These discussions are crucial in understanding and supporting women’s health at all stages.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

Thank You and Anticipation for the National Aesthetic Awards

As we continue our journey at Vysana Life, I extend my heartfelt thanks to our patients and followers. Your support has led us to the finals of the National Aesthetic Awards, a testament to our commitment to making a positive impact. Stay tuned for more updates and insights in our next newsletter.

Not sure what’s best for your skin?

At Vysana, we’re not just about aesthetics; we’re about comprehensive health care. You can choose virtual and face-to-face consultations, for skin health, health concerns and even private GP services such as blood tests.

If you’re seeking more personalised advice or wish to book a private consultation, please reach out to us at information@vysana.com. You can also book through our website or call 01572 827085.

Remember, this is a conversation, not a consultation. For medical advice, please book an appointment.

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Dr Sunny Dhesi

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