The Filler Killer: A New Era of Skin Boosters at Vysana Clinic

The Filler Killer: A New Era of Skin Boosters at Vysana Clinic

New regenerative skin booster treatment seeing a decline in dermal fillers.

London calling…

Today, I find myself not in the clinic, but in London, attending a compulsory basic life support training session. It’s a vital part of being a healthcare professional, ensuring that I am equipped to provide the safest care for my patients, whether in the NHS, private practice, or at Vysana.

The Rise of Polynucleotides: The Filler Killer

Today, I want to delve into a topic that has been generating a lot of questions lately: skin boosters. Specifically, I want to introduce you to polynucleotides, which I’ve playfully dubbed ‘The Filler Killer’. The demand for dermal fillers is shifting. While they have their place, especially when used subtly and naturally, the industry is evolving, and polynucleotides are leading this change.

Why Polynucleotides?

Unlike hyaluronic acid, which is used in dermal fillers to replace lost volume, polynucleotides are a groundbreaking aspect of regenerative medicine. They stimulate your own skin cells, encouraging them to renew themselves and produce more collagen. This means improved skin elasticity, enhanced blood supply to your skin, and even a potential reduction in inflammation and pigmentation. It’s a more natural approach, harnessing your body’s own mechanisms to rejuvenate your skin.

A Busy Clinic and Family Time

Summer is here, and I know many of you are juggling family life, trying to entertain children or simply protect your sanity during the holidays. It’s a precious time to spend with our families and enjoy the fleeting sunshine. In the clinic, we’ve been busy with wrinkle-smoothing injections, skin treatments, and cryotherapy for skin tag removal.

A Glimpse into the Future of Vysana

Looking ahead, we are planning some exciting developments for September. We will be introducing a specialized platform that includes 48 biomarkers, covering everything from heart health to liver function. This will allow us to create a comprehensive health profile for our patients, focusing initially on women’s health but extending to men as well. It’s about working on the skin, but also looking deeper into what’s going on within.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for joining me in this newsletter. We’ve explored the promising world of polynucleotides, the ‘Filler Killer’, and taken a peek into the future of Vysana Clinic. I look forward to our continued journey towards health and beauty, inside and out.

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Dr Sunny Dhesi

Dr Sunny Dhesi

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