Why You Shouldn’t Exfoliate Every Day: Enhance Your Skin Health

Why You Shouldn’t Exfoliate Every Day: Enhance Your Skin Health

Understanding Skin Barrier Function

Hello, I’m Dr. Sunny Dhesi from Vysana. Today, I’d like to share why I’ve changed my stance on daily exfoliation and its impact on our skin health.

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The Journey to Better Skin Understanding

My personal battle with skin issues and my evolving medical knowledge have shaped my perspective on skincare. I’ve learned through my practice and managing my skin conditions that frequent exfoliation, often recommended by the skincare industry, isn’t always beneficial.

The Misconception of Daily Exfoliation

Many patients come to me with skin that’s red, dehydrated, sore, or tender – symptoms often exacerbated by daily exfoliation. Understanding the difference between dryness and dehydration is crucial. Dryness refers to itchy, flaky skin, whereas dehydration is that tight feeling after a shower. Both can lead to redness and discomfort.

Seasonal and Age-Related Skincare

I advocate for a more moderate approach to exfoliation, particularly during different times of the year and for various age groups. Frequent exfoliation can disrupt skin barrier function, especially in those over thirty, where the skin undergoes changes.

Alternatives to Daily Exfoliation

Instead of daily exfoliation, I recommend using cream-based cleansers, reserving exfoliation for just two to three times a week. This is particularly effective for maintaining skin health and allowing it to recover from any damage or irritation.

Embracing a Tailored Skincare Approach

If you’re unsure about your skin’s needs, consider trying our virtual skin analysis at Vysana. It’s a simple questionnaire leading to a personalised skin analysis, helping you understand your skin better.

Clinic Insights: Balancing Skin Health

At Vysana, we also offer a range of treatments including skin boosters and controlled exfoliation in the clinic. Controlled exfoliation is carefully managed to match your skin’s needs, ensuring optimal health and appearance.

Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

I hope this newsletter has been enlightening. Remember, daily exfoliation isn’t necessary for healthy skin. If you have concerns or questions, feel free to reach out for a consultation or try our virtual skin analysis

Not sure what’s best for your skin?

At Vysana, we’re not just about aesthetics; we’re about comprehensive health care. You can choose virtual and face-to-face consultations, for skin health, health concerns and even private GP services such as blood tests.

If you’re seeking more personalised advice or wish to book a private consultation, please reach out to us at information@vysana.com. You can also book through our website or call 01572 827085.

Remember, this is a conversation, not a consultation. For medical advice, please book an appointment.

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Dr Sunny Dhesi

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